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Body Pain TreatmentWe also provide acupuncture treatment in delhi for spine related problems like back pain, neck pain, cervical or lumber spondylitis, slip-disc, sciatica and other spine related problems. In spine case or pain related problems acupuncture give fast relief.

Introduction of acupuncture

Acupuncture basically made with two words Acu-Puncture. Acu mean point and puncture mean puncture. According to acupuncture science or acupuncture theory our body has free flow of energy or circulation of energy when any problems come in this energy flow or imbalance of energy this condition call disease this energy flow may be disturbed in any organ or meridian (energy channel) every meridian has energy point which we can say acupuncture point.

When we puncture disease related point energy circulate properly and balanced and organ or system become normal and healthy and disease gone. We can give acupuncture treatment in any disease but we focus spine or pain related problems like back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, or other spine related problems acupuncture treatment very helpful in back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain but many times acupuncture treatment is best treatment for neck, beck or spine related problems. We have treated more than thousands patients in Delhi and Delhi NCR region.

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